Welcome to First Christian Church! We are a Disciples of Christ church welcoming people of all backgrounds and multiple opinions. We are an open-minded community of faith seeking to encounter God in new and exciting ways. Our community is centered around the communion table, which inspires us and sends us into the world to work to improve our local and global community. Our worship style is primarily traditional, but our theology and practice are open to differences and rooted in God’s love for the entire world. We invite you to join us in worship and in service!

The vision of First Christian Church is to be an inclusive faith community built on the love of Christ. Our mission is to worship God, grow in Christ, and serve others.


Official Board 2019


Class of 2019

Pat Guthrie

Linda McNevin

Eddie Scott

Mark Whitley

Class of 2020

Cheryl Allen

Julie Boca

Charlie Culp

Louise Culp 

Vicki Gregory

Suzanne Barnard

Brandon Cook

Lisa Howlett

Mike Morris

Susan Wesley

Allen Youngman

Alisa Youngman

Class of 2021

Debbie Hill

Steve Hill

Mary Alice Holt

Tommy Hunt

Harriette Johnson

Meredith Johnson

Anne Murray

Kevin Norris


Term ending 2019

Julie Boca

Barbara Bush

Joe Cofer

Traci Duff

Jay Gabbard

Stephanie Gabbard

Andrea Givens

Christy Givens

Jason Givens

Shane Givens

Debbie Hall

Leroy Johnson

Paula Johnson

George Richardson

Kit Tolbert

Todd Tolbert

Sherri Sparks

Term ending 2020

Jen Adam

Lauren Coffey

Chuck Coffey

Patty Conway

Elisha Fisher

Matt Herman

Willie Huston

Jennifer Wilson

Ron Wilson

Derrick Keeling

Diana Keeling

Denise Lambrianou

Mike Lambrianou

Emily Perkins

Chris Rowe

Jennie Flanigan

Marilyn Turner

Rob Wesley

Tammie Wesley

Frank Wright

Linda Wright

Term ending 2021

Marsha Lindsey

Chris Davis

Joey Mayes

Bobbi Mayes

Jeff Miner

Katina Miner

JB Genet

Brandy Genet

Bob McDaniel

Sue Lynn McDaniel

Mark Sohn

Heather Sohn

Amy Wallace

TK Waters

Melissa Young

Richard Young